The Ten Dad Commandments YouTube Series!!!

The Ten Dad Commandments YouTube Series!!!


In this video author and music television producer Esteban Serrano dives into the heart of his groundbreaking book, "The Ten Dad Commandments: Fatherhood through the lens of Hip-Hop," starting with Chapter 1: Defining the Role of a Father.

šŸ”„ CHAPTER 1 HIGHLIGHTS šŸ”„ Discover the essence of fatherhood as Esteban Serrano breaks down the importance of defining what it truly means to be a father. Drawing inspiration from hip-hop culture, Esteban explores the depths of paternal influence and responsibility, setting the stage for an eye-opening exploration of modern fatherhood.

šŸš« What a Father is NOT šŸš« Esteban candidly dismantles misconceptions surrounding fatherhood, debunking stereotypes and shedding light on common misconceptions. Through his unique perspective, he helps us reshape our understanding of the role, transcending preconceived notions and embracing a more inclusive definition.

šŸ‘Øā€šŸ‘©ā€šŸ‘¦ā€šŸ‘¦ Parenting Styles: Navigating the Spectrum šŸ‘Øā€šŸ‘©ā€šŸ‘¦ā€šŸ‘¦ Join Esteban as he delves into the diverse world of parenting styles, exploring the dynamic spectrum that fathers navigate. From authoritative to permissive, he provides insights into how different approaches shape the parent-child relationship and influence a child's growth.

šŸ’” The Golden Rule of Fatherhood šŸ’” In this chapter, Esteban unveils the golden rule that underpins effective fatherhood. Through captivating anecdotes and relatable experiences, he guides us toward understanding the pivotal role fathers play in nurturing, mentoring, and shaping the lives of their children.

šŸ“š Dive into the Ten Dad Commandments Series šŸ“š Embark on an enlightening journey through "The Ten Dad Commandments," a groundbreaking book that fuses the wisdom of hip-hop culture with the profound teachings of fatherhood. Join Esteban Serrano in deciphering each chapter's intricate layers as he helps redefine fatherhood for the modern world.

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